TTune Information


 DC 5 volt 500 mA / 1000 mA USB adapter cable included.

 USB 5 volt cable can charge unit from a computer, wall adapter, car adapter or any USB outlet.

 Rechargeable Lithium Battery inside.


Technical Information

 Output: Rms 6W ( 3W  per side ) 

 Right / Left sound respond Frequency: 150 - 18,000 Hz

 Signal and Noise ratio power amplifier: > 80 db.

 USB charger and Line In mini jack cables included



 Can link and play music from your MP3, CD player, DVD,iPod, Computer and Cell Phone.

 Play music directly using a USB Flash Drive or a Micro SD card in MP3 format.

 Built in FM Radio with Auto search.


TTune Instructions

The TTune Speaker System is a versatile unit that will play MP3 music from a USB drive ( Flash Drive ) and from a Micro SD card. It will also act as a speaker for computers ( laptop's ), iPods, iPhones,cell phones MP3 players, or any device that will attach to it's line-in jack.

The built in FM tuner will allow you to connect to local radio stations by attaching the male to male 1/8 th jack to the antenna jack. This 1/8th male cable also acts as an line-in connector cable for your devices.

DC 5V allows for charging of the unit with the included USB charge cable. Charge the unit by pluging into any USB charging device or into a Usb slot on your computr ( laptop ). The red LED light comes on while you are charging and it shuts off when it is finished, this will mean it is fully charged.

A charged TTune will last for 4 - 6  Hours depending on play volume. Charging takes approximately 3 Hours.

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  • "great little speaker system, we take it every where we go. Sound is fantastic so clear."
  • "Very pleased with my music angel, excellent sound i use it daily couldn't b happier"

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